Dr. Lauren is a psychotherapist, a counsellor, and a performer.

Therapist, Comedic Performer, Educator-Entertainer, Scholar and….

Extraordinary Expertise
Extraordinary Talent

Dr. Lauren (c.) is, in a word, extraordinary. She wears so many serious, meaningful hats, yet she has the wit and comedic timing of an A-list performer

—Pres. Bill Clinton, N.Y. Marriot, 2004


Dr. Lauren’s purpose and approach to life is to connect in service with others. She has been a practising psychotherapist for over 20 years. However, she has brought her innate sense of empathy and life-earned wisdom to her concurrent work as a forensic profiler, a military and police consultant, a crisis interventionist and critical incident and victim-witness counsellor, a leadership – political and organizational – consultant, Laughter Therapist, political adviser and more….. Her serious television commentary and her informative, moving and hilarious presentations and performances  – shows and presentations that invariably evoke standing ovations after both moving audiences to their that knees and cracking them up with laughter – make her a millennial wonder and perfect demographic fit. She still brave-tests her comedic acumen at club settings in N.Y., Montreal, Boston, London, L.A. and in venues in London and Europe. She has recently stalled a “psych-driven” reality show to be produced in the United States in order to work on a re-formatting. Her highly educational, entertaining speaking engagements continue unabated with beloved, new management.

Dr. Lauren’s humor is intelligent and uniting. Her identifiers are universal. She’s a humanist and a pro!
—F. Spyder Cohen, LastLaff, Soho, NY

Dr. Lauren is an accomplished keynote speaker

Entertaining speaking engagements

Moving and humorous performances

(416) 481 2768     drlauren@drlaurenspeaks.com

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