Dr. Lauren Kennedy-Smith (ne Woodhouse)

Brilliance… Talent… Passion… Compassion

Extraordinary Expertise
Extraordinary Talent

Dr. Lauren (c.) is, in a word, extraordinary. She wears so many serious, meaningful hats, yet she has the wit and comedic timing of an A-list performer

—Pres. Bill Clinton, N.Y. Marriot, 2004


Dr. Lauren’s purpose and approach to life is to connect in service with others. She has been a practising psychotherapist for over 20 years. However, she has brought her innate sense of empathy and life-earned wisdom to her concurrent work as a forensic profiler, a military and police consultant, a crisis interventionist and critical incident and victim-witness counselor, a leadership – political and organizational – consultant, Laughter Therapist, political advisor and more….. Her serious television commentary and her informative and hilarious presentations and performances related to “life As We Know It” evoke standing ovations in conference halls and club settings in N.Y., Montreal, Boston, London, L.A. and in venues in London and Europe. She has recently stalled a “psych-driven” reality show to be produced in the United States in order to work on a re-formatting.

Dr. Lauren’s humor is intelligent and uniting. Her identifiers are universal. She’s a humanist and a pro!
—F. Spyder Cohen, LastLaff, Soho, NY

(416) 481 2768     drlauren@drlaurenspeaks.com

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